Our data analytics classes are taught by top instructors using our proprietary curriculum.
(Instructor has taken several sessions in NYC and will explain to you all concepts in a very eloquent manner.)

Starting Date: 10th May, 2021
Duration: 6 Days
Time: 10:00 Am – 01:00 Pm
Fee: INR 2200/-


Day 1 – Introduction to Python

Day 2 – Python Functions, Loops, Data Structure File Handling

Day 3 – Pandas, Numpy, Data Wrangling, Plotting
3.1 Pandas Scipy Python
3.2 Matplotlib Numpy
3.3 Working with jupyter anaconda notebooks pandas numpy matplotlib git and many other tools.
3.4 Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats Part 1
3.5 Data Cleaning and Preparation
3.6 Data Wrangling: Join, Combine, and Reshape
3.7 Plotting and Visualization
3.8 Data Aggregation and Group Operations
Day 4 – Pandas Advance, OOP, Web Scraping, Data Wrangling,
Functional Programming

Day 5 – JSON, Finance, Time Series, Data Visualization, Django

Day 6 – Performance Python, Github, PySpark, Bigdata


1. Write Python code to automate the tedious tasks and use the library of
codes we provide.

2. Create Python-based scripts to automate a mundane tasks, re-structure
render data from SQL Mongo and APIs

3. Interact with RESTful APIs using Python Requests and JSON parsing

4. Write SQL commands to perform Query as well as change data on
SQL Server / PostgreSQL

5. Scrape information from web pages

6. Create charts using Python Plotly, Seaborn

7. Use SQL and Mongo techniques to merge data and create a single
data frame for analysis and charting

8. Convert your Excel VBA code into Python

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