Internet of Things Training - August 2022

Training Highlights

  • What does “the Internet of Things” means and how does it relates to Cloud computing concepts
  • How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the Cloud
  • The basic usage of the NodeMCU environment for creating your own IoT projects at a low cost
  • How to send data to the Internet and talk to the Cloud.
  • How to update sensor readings on Twitter (Social Networking Sites).
  • How to control any device from anywhere across the world.
  • How to connect to a cloud-ready IoT Server using MQTT.
Training Start Date: 8th August 2022
Training Delivery Time: 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Download complete syllabus here: Internet of things

Intensive Hands-on Internet of things training program

Projects to be implemented:

Project 1: Simple LED Program for NodeMCU
Project 2: LED Blink Project
Project 3: Traffic Light Control
Project 4: Displaying Date on Serial Monitor
Project 5: Automated Door Opening System
Project 6: Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values.
Project 7: Reading Environmental Values on Android Smartphone.
Project 8: Control Devices using Localhost Web Server for Home Automation
Project 9: Send Voltage & Analog Data on Cloud Server
Project 10: Use NodeMCU to Upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server.
Project 11: Control Electronic Devices from anywhere across the world using the Internet & Mobile App.

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